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3 Fly Bunnies!

You're here for 1 of 2 reasons--because I whined and complained until you checked out my site or you had the good fortune to randomly surf on in. So now you're either brushing up on your Kristen trivia or soaking it all in for the first time.

Anyhoo, my name is Kristen, I'm 27, and I live in Massachusetts. All the adventures that made One Wild Site so rockin' left my bank account suckin' so I live at home. I have no kids but I do have a very high maintainance cockatiel. And here's Phoebe. As you can see she's a big ham for the camera.

I went to school for web design but when I got a job doing it, it was too much like work. Designing sites for financial advisors just isn't as fun as designing sites for myself and my friends. However, I do the occasional free lance site, so if you're in need, let me know. In the meantime, while I decide what to be when I grow up, I'm a professional mall rat. At least that's what it feels like. Most days you can find me selling jewelry at various malls all over southeastern MA. I guess touring is just a way of life for me.

You already know that I dig music and football. I'm also into fashion design--I make purses and jewlery. As soon as my sewing machine gets back from the shop I'm branching into actual clothing. I love a good workout...kickboxing, yoga, or good ol' cardio and weight training. When I'm not at work or in front of my computer, I like to go out dancing or shopping. I'm a shopaholic. A dangerous thing when you spend as much time in a mall as I do! If I'm hanging out at home, my guilty pleasure shows are "Blind Date" and "Days of Our Lives."

Now that I've spilled the beans about me...it's time for you to return the favor! Sign my guestbook so I know you've been by!

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