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Kerrang Magazine once called Gary Cherone "interestingly ugly." There is nothing ugly about him at all. The man's a saint! Not only has he fronted Extreme and Van Halen, he's played Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ Superstar, crooned Sinatra tunes in jazz bars, and he also makes a damn fine lunatic. Here's our tribute to Gary (Or at least the first page of it. Sharon and I have lots of pictures to share, and they would take forever to load on one page. This way the pictures can be larger and you can view them faster.):

How did we find out about Hounds Tooth? Gary! The night before we saw him in a club in Revere, MA at a Flesh show and he told us, "I'm gonna be singing Sinatra tunes in a jazz band tomorrow night in Boston." The show wound up being an AIDS benefit at Quest behind Fenway park. Nice place, great view of the city from the roof top! I'm not sure it still exists.

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