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3 Fly Bunnies!
I bid you welcome! This is going to be one hell of a hairband summer. Everyone is touring. Of course there's the Glam Slam Extravaganza featuring Poison and Warrant. I've also heard that Cinderella, Great White, Slaughter, Faster Pussycat, Vince Neil, and Tuff will be hitting the road!! Time to get some good outfits ready! If I can find tourdates I will devote a page to them here. I had a used CD buying frenzy and picked up some great forgotten stuff recently, like Kik Tracee and McQueen St. Again, if I have any success, I may devote a section on this site to info about these bands. If anyone knows anything, please enlighten me.

My Metallica, Rick Springfield, and Robbie Crane sections are up and looking good, I mean, how can they NOT look good, right? Bon Jovi's got lots of stories but no pictures. Still have printer/scanner issues. I just don't have the patience to be tinkering around with expensive, breakable machinery right now. If there's a link, click it! Eventually, this site will include:

Bon Jovi
Rick Springfield
Extreme, Etc...
Robbie Crane
Misc Rock People
Kiva's stuff
NFL Beefcake!
About Me
Lots o' Links!

Check back soon!!

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