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Bon Jovi
"I'll never grow up, I'll never grow old, blame it on the love of rock n' roll"

I almost feel sorry for the people who keeping waiting for me to get over this Bon Jovi thing, because it just ain't happening. It all started when I was about 10 or 11 or so. I watched endless hours of MTV waiting for Duran Duran videos when I came accross another video that caught my eye: "She Don't Know Me." A little while later, there was another video that I kept telling my friends to watch for called "In and Out of Love." So when I saw "You Give Love a Bad Name," my first reaction was they have another album out already? And it's been all downhill, or uphill, depending on who you ask, ever since!

I got shut out for tickets to the Providence Civic Center in May of 1987. I used to skip school almost every Thursday that spring because a local radio station had "Bon Jovi Thursdays" and gave away tickets. I didn't win of course. I swore I'd never miss another Jovi show again, and so far I've made good on my promise. The week after the show I missed, I got tickets to see the band July 29 at Great Woods in Mansfield, MA. All my friends in my neighborhood had tickets and we drove everyone around us crazy with our excitement. Of course the show lived up to all of our expectations.

When "Keep The Faith" came out in '92, I was excited about the new Jovi album and the upcoming shows...but the friends who I'd gone with before?They couldn't believe I still cared. I worked in a record store at that time and the rest of the staff spent the entire weeked before the release picking on me and my band. Sigh. I had to beg and bribe people to go wait out for tickets and go to the concerts with that year. Fortunately, while we were waiting for tickets, I got back in touch with some other diehard fans who were also in line. Through that year I met more people because of the band who have all become very good friends....much more than just people I just go to concerts with. And I've never had to worry about missing another show again!

Who at that Great Woods show back in 1987 ever thought that hundreds of people would show up for fan club tickets on a freezing February morning in 2001? Who would have guessed then that a second show at Giants Stadium would have to be added this summer because the first one sold out? At least when people tell me I'm crazy, I can easily point out I am not alone. It reminds me of a saying that I've seen on Harley Davidson T Shirts: "If I have to explain it to you, you wouldn't understand it anyway."

While I'm getting things cookin' here....I thought the least I could do was give give you a little bit of eye candy. If anyone has any other suggestions for more eye me your pictures! In the meantime, here's Jon in a sheet.

Click on the links below to check out pictures from some of my adventures over the years. The quality of some of the pictures isn't great, on the other hand, some are professional quality. I figure that fuzzy Bon Jovi is better than no Bon Jovi at all.

Jon Bon Jovi in Hyannis, MA--August 9, 1990
Jon Bon Jovi at WHJY in Providence, RI--August 3, 1993
Backstage with Jon Bon Jovi Party Weekend 3 CT/NJ/PA--August 5-8, 1993
Count Basie Christmas Show, Red Bank, NJ--December 20, 1993
Count Basie Christmas Show, Red Bank, NJ--December, 1994
Free Shows in Boston and Providence--July 29, 1995
Lifebeat AIDS Benefit Concert, Washington DC--October 12, 1996
Count Basie Christmas Show, Red Bank, NJ--December 1996
Jon at Mama Kin, Boston, MA--August 7, 1997
Jon Bon Jovi at the Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA--September 20, 1997
Richie Sambora outside The David Letterman Show, NYC--March 3, 1998
Bon Jovi at the Fleet Center, Boston, MA--November 8, 2000
Dave Bryan at M. Steinert & Sons, Boston, MA--March 3, 2001
My Bon Jovi Touring Odessey--1987-2001 and beyond!

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