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Free Acoustic Shows
July 28, 1995 Providence, RI, 12PM
Boston, MA, 6 PM

File this under the most ridiculous thing I've ever done. My friends Gina, Shari, and I had bought tickets to the show in Pittsburgh for July 27. Earlier that week, we started to hear rumors about these free shows. I flew down to NJ to meet the girls to go to PA. On my way to the airport, Richie called into the radio station I was listening to and confirmed that the free shows were happening. We decided we had to do all 3. Pittsburgh was worthwhile, some guy sold us front row tickets in the parking lot for $20 each. The show ended just before midnight and we headed straight back to Providence. Can you say hellish nightmare?! The first 6 hours of the trip? NOTHING to look at. Pitch black dark Pennsylvania. We made it to Providence with 15 minutes to spare before show time. I'm glad I did it and all went well, but never again.

Pictures coming soon!!

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