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Backstage with Jon Bon Jovi
Party Weekend 3--NJ/Pa/CT
August 5-8, 1993

I told my mother that this fan club trip would be my last hurrah and then that would be the end of my touring. Now that sounds so amusing. Try it was the beginning! I went down there with my friend Doreece and we roomed with Debbie from CA and Kari from Maine. We're still in good touch with Debbie. We met tons of people and the fact that it was all Jovi, all the time was pretty damn cool! The first night we were there they had a reception for us on The Spirit of New Jersey which cruised around Manhattan Harbor. The next day, they bussed us down to the Philadelphia Spectrum. We attended a press conference to see the band inducted into the Spectrum Wall of Fame and then the band's soundcheck. After the soundcheck, the band came around and posed for group photos. If you were on the ball, you got a handshake. Jon said something to me while I shook his hand but the looking and touching was all I could handle, I couldn't listen too! I have no idea what he said to me. Then of course there was the show. The next day they brought us all the way to Groton, CT for the next nights show. It was general admission and the crowd was rough. The general crowd let it be known they were not happy that the fan club got let in early. I was glad to see that show end.

All in all, the fan club trip was a fun time. If you're looking to meet Jovi fans and experience the whole thing, go. I don't know if I'd ever do it again. Maybe a Florida trip. Now my friends and I can do it a lot cheapier and easier on our own.

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