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Jon Bon Jovi@Mama Kin
August 7, 1997

Kiss 108 in Boston sponsered this lunchtime concert with Jon. The only way to get in was to win tickets from the station. In Massachusetts, there are 2 kinds of people: those who win everything off of Kiss 108 and those can't even get past the "all circuits are busy" message. My friends and I hated that recording! I was also in the middle of moving during that contest, so trying to win got to be too much of a hassle. I decided I was going whether KISS 108 wanted me there or not. My friend Gina agreed and away we went.

We arrived very early that morning. In fact, for a while we were the only car on Lansdowne St. If you are familiar with the area, you know that street is home to a number of popular night clubs and is the backside of Fenway Park. Very odd to see it deserted. Slowly people began to arrive. We began to talk to the winners and began to get depressed. It didn't look too easy to get past the crew working this show. Jon showed up and did some publicity. We somehow found the other people who had not won, there were about 5 of us in all. All the winners had been let in but it seemed like they were going to keep the door of the club open so we could see. Good enough for me. At that moment, I hear from the street..."Krrrrrriiiiissstttteeeennnnn!!!!" Doreece called to me from her car. She left work early. She couldn't stand the thought of working while ther was the potential to see Jon. I told her to park and join us. She came at just the right moment. A representative from KISS 108 came over to count how many of us there were. She left and came back to say they had to close the door, BUT we could come in and stand to the back if we promised not to make a commotion. We couldn't believe our luck. We held up our end of the bargain and we saw the show, which lasted about 45 minutes or so. Jon played accoustically, mostly songs from "Destination Anywhere" and answered some questions from the contest winners.

As the show ended, the KISS 108 people told us we had to go while the winners got their prize packages. We waited out front for the others to come out because we wanted to let some of the people know that we did get in. While they got their prizes, Jon and the band came out to get into the van, so we had a chance to say hello to Jon and Hugh. Hugh asked us if he'd see us at the show in September. Of course!

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