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What can I say? As much as I'm not thrilled with Load and Re-Load, the earlier stuff is wonderful! Metallica was really the first band I travelled to see their shows. The first "road trip" I ever took was to Hartford, CT when I was a senior in High School. My friend Julie went with me, her mom put us up in what we thought would be the band's hotel. Of course it wasn't, and the people at the desk were convinced we were using a stolen credit card. The show was fantastic, of course. When we came back to our room, we got to "host" a party with a bunch of losers who took some of our money and our tour books until we kicked them out so we could find the band. We walked over to the other hotel, quite tipsy at this point, made it to the elevator, and stayed stuck in it for the next 2 hours. They had to call someone from MA to get us out. If you were the person who we said we were staying with in that hotel and got you a free room for the night, well, sorry we never got to explain things!

A couple months later, I trekked out to Weedsport, NY to see the band. Doesn't the name say it all? Look at this ad for the show:

These people didn't even know to chant "Die! Die!" during Creeping Death!! And I almost got stuck in Weedsport because I got separated from all my friends.

Anyway, on February 15, 1993, Sharon, Karlyn, and I went to see the band in Amherst, MA. This was it, I was sick of chasing them around to no avail, we were meeting them this time! We got to the arena early and found where the band and the roadies were loading everything in. We waited out there for 3 hours before the show with a dad and a little kid, who got pit passes. After the show, we went back to our spot, determined to meet the band!! It was freezing cold, and of course all the stupid security was on our cases to leave. After 2 more hours, the wait paid off! The band came out!! Sharon turned around to find Lars right behind her! "Oh My God!! Oh My God!!" she proclaimed. So Lars, being concerned and more than slightly amused, grabbed her arms and repeated, "Oh My God!! Oh My God!! What's wrong?" "Nothing," says Sharon. She soon after remarked, "I can't believe he's a real person!" He was still giving her hell when she took his picture with Karlyn.

Karlyn gave Lars her drum key necklace.

Lars signing stuff, with cold hands. I warmed them up with my mittens.

Lars sleeping on the job.

Me and Jason...he looks like he's burping me!! ha!

Here's my picture with Lars!

On June 11, 1994, Metallica played Great Woods in Mansfield, MA. Sharon was a member of the Metallica club at the time, and went to the venue to get fan club tickets. Come to find out, they were only available through mail and we had no freakin' tickets to the show! The club gave it's members an emergency postcard to send them, in case of things like this. A few days after sending the card, Sharon spoke to one of the people from the club who told her she was supposed to receive a ticket order form in the mail. It had never come. So, to make up for it, she gave Sharon free tickets and backstage passes! Our camera decided to misbehave that night, so this is the only picture I have to show from the evening:

I have no idea who that girl is, but she was trying her damndest to get jason to accept her invite for a lobster dinner.

Best of luck to Jason Newsted. He is a great guy and deserves a future full of happiness! But for the rest of the band, now what?!